how to get badges in nba 2k16 my career

how to get badges in nba 2k16 my career

Earn your NBA 2K16 Badges

Playing NBA 2k16 can be a great way to pass time and entertain yourself. One of the ways you can increase your challenge and enjoyability even further by is by collecting game badges. Here is how to get badges on NBA 2K16 My Career:

Start grinding for the badges

  • Understand the basics of getting badges – badges are important for your MyPlayer. They will increase your attributes, make your character more valuable, and add complexity to your gaming experience.
  • Choose a badge: You can earn up to fourteen badges. These badges include Finisher, Flashy Passer, Intimidator, Slasher, Sharpshooter, Rebound Chaser, Tenacious Rebounder, and more.
  • Use practice mode to get your stats up: Practice mode allows you to level up faster and more efficiently than using regular games.

Know the basics for badge building

  • Use the court to practice: Make sure that you are using the court to practice and master the skill associated with each badge. Try to focus on the three methods of playing: shooting, dribbling, and passing.
  • Take note of the minimum requirements: There is a minimum amount of RP that is required in order to gain badges. You will need a total of three badges and at least 100 RP in order to move up in your career.
  • Pay attention to the specific badge requirements: The Finisher badge requires that, in total, you complete five contact dunks and layups, five putback dunks and layups, and five contact shots in six games. Pay attention also to post-moves, shooting, defensive, and passing badges and their requirements.

Work on improving your overall game

  • Practice in the Park: The Park is a great feature of NBA 2K16 that allows you to face various difficulty levels of computer and human players. Utilizing this feature is great tool because it can help you stay in game shape.
  • Pay attention to off-court team build-up: Off-court team building activities will help your MyPlayer grow and gain rewards. This includes attending celebrity parties, practice sessions, always playing with intensity in order to gauge the attention of a coach or scout, and occasionally engaging in conversation with them to ensure your career keeps progressing.

By following these tips, you can earn your badges and increase the overall experience of your playing of NBA 2K16. Get grinding, have fun, and good luck!

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