how to get badges in 2k17 my career

how to get badges in 2k17 my career

How to Get Badges in 2K17 My Career

Badges are an essential part of 2K17 My Career. They are an important feature in the game, as they help players improve their abilities, team play and overall performance. Badges can be earned through various activities in the game. Here’s how you can get badges in 2K17 My Career:

Playing Games

One of the easiest ways to get badges in 2K17 My Career is by playing games. Each game has its own sets of badges that you can earn which can range from defensive to offensive, rebounding to passing. You can earn these badges by playing the game and performing well.

Doing Special Drills

Players can unlock special drills by completing certain objectives. These drills are designed to help you improve your skills and performance on the court. Completing these drills will not only help you improve, but will also award you with badges.

Completing Set Tasks

There are also special tasks that you can complete in 2K17 My Career. Completing these tasks will reward you with badges. Some of these tasks can include:

  • Improving your shooting accuracy
  • Completing a certain number of games
  • Winning certain tournaments or competitions
  • Using special tools to enhance your abilities (such as upgrading your shoes or equipping accessories)

Purchase Badges from the Store

Finally, you can purchase badges from the store in 2K17 My Career. The store is full of items that you can purchase to help improve your character. Some of these items can be purchased with in-game currency, while others can be bought with real money. Items such as badges can be purchased from the store, and you can use them to gain temporary bonuses such as increased stats and improved abilities.

With these methods, you can easily get badges in 2K17 My Career. Badges are a great feature that can help you improve your performance and become a better player in the game. So make sure to use these tips to get the best out of 2K17 My Career.

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