how to follow up after career fair

how to follow up after career fair

Following Up After A Career Fair For Greater Success

Attending a career fair can be an exciting and reassuring experience offering the chance to network and make connections with employers. While it may seem hard to remember after the exhaustion and thrill of the event, following up is essential to capturing and capitalizing on the opportunity. The following is a guide on how to make the most of your efforts and experiences at a career fair.

Things to Do After A Career Fair

  • Write a thank-you note: After the career fair, take time to write a thank-you note or email to the employers you interacted with at the fair. Keep it brief, professional, and sincere. Show you are interested in the industry and are looking forward to potentially pursuing a career.
  • Follow up with more information: Use this follow-up opportunity to further your connections by providing more detailed information about your experiences and qualifications, including items such as a resume, portfolio, or writing sample.
  • Research and stay in touch: Make sure to thoroughly research the employers you met at the career fair. This can help you tailor your follow-up approach. Additionally, stay in touch with the employers and keep them updated on your progress and achievements. This ongoing contact can keep you top-of-mind.

Tips for Following up After a Career Fair

  • Be authentic and organized: Many job seekers try too hard to imitate a proposal for success, bypassing their authenticity in the process. Show you are unique and demonstrate that you’ve taken time to research their company in the follow-up. Additionally, make sure all of your information is organized and ready to go. Don’t leave anything to chance.
  • Keep your communications concise and professional: Make sure you are concise and professional in all of your communications. Use the opportunity to highlight your accomplishments in a concise manner, without being too long-winded.
  • Stay connected through social media: Make sure to connect with the employers you met at the career fair on social media such as LinkedIn. Following their pages can increase your exposure and ensure that you don’t miss any pertinent opportunities. See if they offer internships or job postings, and if they don’t, get in touch and let them know you are interested in opportunities.

Following up after a career fair is essential for making the most of the opportunity. By making use of the tips above, job seekers can take the initiative in maximizing their chances for success at their next career fair.

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