how to find what career you want

how to find what career you want

Tips on Finding the Right Career For You

Are you feeling lost in your job search? Deciding on a career path can be overwhelming, so it pays to know what steps to take toward finding your dream job. Read on for our top tips on how to uncover the right career for you.

1. Know Your Interests, Core Values, and Skills

When deciding on a career path, the most important things to consider are what interests you, what core values you have, and what skills you possess. Take the time to make a list of these and ask yourself what kind of job might make use of your knowledge and experience.

2. Use a Personality Assessment Tool

If you’re still feeling stuck, try taking a personality assessment—many of these tools help to highlight your strengths and give guidance on potential career options. There are now many different assessment tools available, such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, the Strong Interest Inventory and the Holland Code.

3. Look for Opportunities to Explore Different Fields

Try to find ways to experience different job fields. Volunteering, attending professional meetings, or even taking short-term data entry jobs can help introduce you to different positions and give you more insight into the kind of career path you may want to pursue.

4. ‘Shadow’ People in the Field

Almost every job field has a leader in the industry— someone who has used their knowledge and skills to reach the top. Consider ‘shadowing’ these professionals— this process involves studying what they do on a daily basis and emulating their work. Doing this can help to understand the full scope of a job, and give you commercial and skills expertise in the specific field your are considering.

5. Speak With a Career Specialist

If you’re still struggling to decide which career path to choose, don’t be afraid to seek out professional guidance. Career specialists are normally available at most universities or job centers and can help you to make an informed decision.

In conclusion, finding the right career for you takes some effort and dedication. But remember— it pays to know where your interests, core values, and skills lie in order to make the right decision. Remember to also use personality assessment tools, look for opportunities to explore different fields, ‘shadow’ industry experts, and speak with professional career specialists if you need further guidance.

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