how to find out what career you should pursue

How to Find Out What Career You Should Pursue

Being happy in your career is essential to leading a successful and fulfilling life. Unfortunately, choosing the right career path is not always easy and can feel like a daunting task without the right guidance. But don’t worry, it’s not too late to find the right career for you. Here are some recommendations on how to discover the ideal career for you.

1. Research Different Jobs

The best way to get an idea of what career may be the best fit for you is to research different jobs and related fields. Let’s start by making a list of the types of jobs and roles you could be interested in. You can draw on your strengths, interests, and skills to come up with some ideas. Once you have your list, research what it would take to start a career in these areas (such as qualifications, requirements, and hiring prospects).

2. Take Stock of Your Skills and Interests

Another great way to figure out what kind of career is best suited for you is to go back to the basics: our skills and interests. Start by making a list of your existing skills and the ones you may need to develop in order to pursue a certain career path. Then, consider your interests and passions and look for jobs that might match those. This is a great way to identify potential career paths that you may not have considered previously.

3. Talk to Friends and Professionals

It can be hard to figure out what career path you should pursue on your own. That’s why talking to friends, family, and professionals can be a helpful tool for figuring out the right career for you. Ask for advice, recommendations, and even mentorship from people who know you and who may already be in the field you are interested in.

4. Take a Personality Test

Personality tests can be a great way of finding out what career options may be a good fit for your specific needs. There are various free online tests which can help you identify careers that are in line with your personal goals, values, and interests. This can be a great starting point when considering what career to pursue.

5. Consider a Career Coach

Finding the right career can be an overwhelming process. That’s why having a career coach may be a great investment if you’re really struggling. A career coach can help you identify potential career paths, develop skills and qualifications, and boost your confidence and job searching strategies.


Finding the right career path can seem daunting, but with the right guidance you can discover the ideal job for you. Start out by researching different jobs and fields, assessing your skills and interests and getting advice from friends and professionals. Additionally, taking a personality test or considering a career coach may also be beneficial. With these helpful tips, you can be ready to take on the job market with the confidence and knowledge of what career is the perfect fit for you.

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