how to find out career interests

how to find out career interests

How to Identify Your Career Interests

Are you unsure of the career path you should take, or just feeling a bit lost on what you should do next? Our career interests are so intertwined with our passions and our natural genetic makeup that it can be difficult to figure out what we should do. But with a bit of research, some self-reflection, and a willingness to explore, you can find your true career interests.

Step 1: Ask yourself what you love to do

Start by exploring your current activities and interests. What do you look forward to? How do you spend your free time? List out hobbies, activities, and interests that you continue to come back to. Don’t worry about whether or not these are “useful” or could turn into a career; just get it all out there.

Step 2: Do some research

After assessing yourself and making a list of activities and interests, it’s time to conduct some research. Look into different career paths and the job roles associated with them. Google certain jobs and key words related to those activities and interests. Gather as much data as you can on the different career paths that relate to your interests.

Step 3: Assess the job roles

Once you have some information, it’s time to narrow it down. Assess the job roles to determine if they would be a good fit. Ask yourself if they include activities that you love doing and are passionate about. Consider if they would challenge you in an interesting way and bring some purpose to your life.

Step 4: Take things into your own hands

The best way to learn is to do. Take the initiative to research different industries and attend job fairs. Find internships or volunteer opportunities to get some real-life experience. Take courses in different disciplines and find what works for you. Talk to people in your field of interest and mentors that can help guide you towards success.

Step 5: Reflect on what you’re learning

As you begin to explore more and gain new insights, take time to reflect on what you’re learning. Consider the things you love and the things you don’t enjoy as much. Reflect on how the job roles would fit with your strengths and weaknesses. Ask yourself questions such as: Do I recommend this to a friend? Will it bring me joy?


Identifying your career interests is an ongoing process. It requires some hard work and requires you to be honest with yourself. Be prepared to shift course and adjust as you go, and always take the time to make sure the job role you’re considering fits with your passions and strengths.


  • Ask yourself what you love to do
  • Do some research
  • Assess the job roles
  • Take things into your own hands
  • Reflect on what you’re learning

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