how to email after career fair

how to email after career fair

How to Email After a Career Fair

Attending a career fair is the perfect opportunity to make a great first impression on employers. While your performance at the fair contributes largely to the success of your recruitment process, the next steps you take are also extremely important. After attending a career fair, one of the best ways to begin the follow-up process is by writing an email to the employers you interacted with. With some careful consideration and preparation, you can ensure that this email succeeds where many students’ emails fall short.

Begin Your Email Right

The opening line of your email is perhaps the most important part, since it will set the tone for the entirety of the message. Make sure to use a professional salutation, such as “Hello” or “Good afternoon” and address the recipient by their title and full name.

Express Thanks

Expressing appreciation to employers you interacted with is an absolute must. Let the employer know that you are thankful for the time they took to meet with you, discuss their organization, and answer your questions. This will also show them that you value their opinion, and that you have a sincere appreciation for the message they provided.

Explain Your Qualifications

With your opening paragraph, make sure to brief the employer on why you’re the perfect candidate for their organization. Remind them why you’re a great fit and mention something relevant you, discussed during your conversation.

Outline Next Steps

At the end of your message, briefly summarize the steps you plan to take in the near future. This could include:

  • You will be following up by phone
  • You will be sending relevant materials
  • You will be sending a copy of your resume

Include Contact Information

Make sure to include your contact information at the end of your email, so that the employer can reach out to you. This could be your cell phone number, LinkedIn profile, or anything else that you think will be useful.

End On a Positive Note

Your email should always end on a positive note. Make sure to thank the employer once again for meeting with you, and express your excitement for the future. With these simple steps, you can ensure that your email stands out from other applicants’, and make a great impression with the employer.

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