how to draw fouls in 2k22 my career

how to draw fouls in 2k22 my career

Tips on Drawing Fouls in NBA 2K22 My Career Mode

Playing the My Career Mode in NBA 2K22 can be challenging, but knowing how to draw fouls can give players a competitive advantage and increase the odds of winning in a matchup. Here are some tips to help you draw fouls and take your game to the next level:

Spin Moves and Pump Fakes

Spin moves and pump fakes are effective tools for drawing fouls in basketball. Both involve deceiving the defender to draw them in and make it easier to get past them. A spin move involves the player turning their body in one direction and then quickly changing directions, while a pump fake is done by pretending to shoot while keeping the ball still. When done correctly, spin moves and pump fakes can be effective tools for drawing fouls.

Stay Patient

The key to drawing fouls is to stay patient and wait for the right moment to attack. It’s important to not rush your offensive moves, as this can cause defenders to become less aggressive and less likely to foul you. Wait for the defender to make the first move and then make your move to draw the foul.

Use Your Body

It’s important to use your body to your advantage when driving towards the basket. Lean into the defender, use your lower body to screen them off, and use your upper body to protect the ball. These moves will make it more difficult for the defender to guard you, and increase the chances of a foul being called.

Drive to the Basket

Attacking the basket is one of the best ways to draw a foul. When you drive to the basket, the defender is forced to respond quickly, and without the proper technique they may end up fouling you in the process. If a defender is waiting to block the shot, using a spin move or pump fake can draw a foul as well.


Drawing fouls is an important skill that can help players win games in NBA 2K22 My Career Mode. With a little practice and the tips outlined above, players can become more proficient at drawing fouls and take their game to the next level.

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