how to delete career mode saves

how to delete career mode saves

Deleting Career Mode Saves in ” Grand Theft Auto V”

If you want to reset your progress in the Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) career mode and start over from the beginning, deleting your career mode saves is the way to go.

Steps to Delete Career Mode Saves:

  • Back up Your Saves

    Before deleting your career mode saves, make a backup just in case you want to continue the progress at a later point. This can be done by pressing the PS button, navigating to Application Saved Data Management in Settings, then selecting Saved Data in System Storage tab.

  • Delete the Saved Data

    Find and select the saved data you want to delete, then press X to bring up the option to delete it. Press Circle to confirm the deletion of your save.

  • Restart the Game

    Restart “GTA V” so that your deleted saves are applied.

Following these three steps will help you reset your progress in career mode so that you can start again. Good luck!

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