how to change nationality in fifa 22 player career mode

how to change nationality in fifa 22 player career mode

How to Change Nationality in FIFA 22 Player Career Mode

FIFA 22’s player career mode gives players the opportunity to create their own custom character, or Pro, in-game and establish their own unique career path. Your Pro can join professional clubs around the world, sign lucrative deals and even make international appearances with their country’s national team.

However, changing the nationality of your Pro is not readily available, so there are a few steps you need to take to switch up your Pro’s national origin. Here’s what you need to do to take advantage of FIFA’s nation-swapping opportunities:

Step 1: Create your Pro

You’ll need to create your Pro with the default nationality of your choice before you can switch it up. Make sure you carefully consider the upcoming steps before locking yourself in to a specific nationality as you won’t be able to change it later. Once you’ve created your Pro, the real nation-swapping fun can begin.

Step 2: Make an Appearance

Next, you’ll need to allow your Pro to make an appearance in the International Cup or a friendly match, preferably as a starter. Your Pro will then receive a Caps Pending notification – meaning he/she is officially on the radar of your current nationality’s national team. After the cup/match is over, your Pro should have 1 cap and the nationality of your current team.

Step 3: Change Nationality and Retire

You’ll then need to switch your Pro’s nationality to your desired new one in the My Pro tab. Your Pro will naturally get a Cap Pending notification again and his/her ‘Previous Nationality’ stat will show up on the top-right of the My Pro page. The next step is to retire your Pro from the international team, which will reverse the nationality change and set it to your original pick – i.e. the nationality of your Pro when you first created him/her.

Step 4: Re-Apply to the National Team

Once you’ve retired from active international duty, the only thing left to do is to apply for your new nationality’s national team. To do so, go to the ‘Play for Nation’ tab in the My Pro section. You’ll then see a new list of national teams you can play for, including your desired new nationality. Select that nation and press Apply.

Final Tips:

  • Go Pro: It’s best to first make your Pro a proven International player with a few caps before switching his/her nationality.
  • Foreigner? No Problem: It’s possible to get the national team of your desired nationality to accept your Pro even if he/she isn’t native to that nation.
  • Retirement: Remember to make sure your Pro is retired from internationals before applying for the nationality change.

Changing your Pro’s nationality in FIFA 22 Player Career Mode is possible, albeit a bit tedious. Just remember to follow the steps outlined above and you’ll be able to transform your Pro into a world-class player from any nationality of your choosing.

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