how to change difficulty on ufc 4 career mode

how to change difficulty on ufc 4 career mode

Changing Difficulty on UFC 4 Career Mode

Are you having trouble making progress in your UFC 4 career mode? Are your opponents too strong? No problem; this guide will walk you through the steps for changing difficulty on UFC 4. With a few simple instructions, you can easily adjust the difficulty settings to meet your needs.

Steps to Change Difficulty in UFC 4

  • Begin by opening the main menu, which is located in the top left of the screen.
  • After the menu has opened, select ‘Game Settings’.
  • Once the Game Settings page opens, select ‘Gameplay’, which is the third option from the left.
  • The next page will present several settings for difficulty. You can adjust these settings to change your opponent’s power level or to change the match-up difficulty.
  • When you are finished adjusting the settings, you must confirm the changes. To do this, select the ‘Confirm’ button located at the bottom right corner of the page.


  • Experiment with different settings, as this can help you create a more rewarding experience.
  • If you wish to try the maximum difficulty settings, select the ‘Tournament Expert’ setting.
  • If you wish to try an easier experience, select the ‘Beginner’ setting.

Once you have confirmed your settings, you can begin your career with a customized difficulty level. With this guide, changing difficulty in UFC 4 is simple and easy.

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