how to change difficulty in 2k23 my career

how to change difficulty in 2k23 my career

How to Change Difficulty in 2K23 My Career?

2K23 My Career is a basketball simulation game that comes with a range of difficulty levels so you can tailor the game to your skill level. Depending on your preference, you can choose from five levels of difficulty: All-Star, Superstar, Hall of Fame, and 2K Insider. Learning how to change your difficulty setting can improve your overall gaming experience.

Steps for Changing Difficulty

  • Navigate to the settings screen: From the main menu, select the “MyGM” tab, then select the “Settings” option.
  • Select your difficulty: In the “Settings” menu, scroll down to the “Difficulty” option, and select the level of difficulty you want to play on.
  • Choose the “Done” option: Once you choose the difficulty level you want to play on, the “Done” option will appear on the bottom of the screen. Select the “Done” option to save your selection and return to the main menu.

Tips for Choosing Difficulty

When selecting a difficulty level, consider these tips:

  • If you are new to 2K and don’t have much experience with the game, start with the simplest difficulty setting, All-Star, and work your way up as you gain more knowledge and experience with the game.
  • If you are an intermediate player, the Superstar difficulty may be best for you. This difficulty offers a greater challenge while still allowing you to gain knowledge and experience.
  • If you are an experienced player, Hall of Fame is the most challenging difficulty. The increased level of difficulty can help refine your skills, as you must use sophisticated strategies and advanced moves to overcome the opposition.
  • The 2K Insider difficulty setting allows you to tosimulate a real NBA atmosphere, as you play against other real human players instead of the AI. This difficulty is only available in 2K Insider and cannot be changed in the game.

Learning how to change the difficulty setting in 2K23 My Career can help you tailor the game to your skill level and overall gaming experience. With five levels of difficulty to choose from, there is something for everyone, from novice players to experienced veterans.

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