how to change camera in 2k22 my career

how to change camera in 2k22 my career

How to Change Camera in 2K22 My Career

Step-by-Step Guide

2K22 My Career is one of the hallmark experiences for avid basketball gamers. My Career’s immersive predecessor, My Player, has been improved significantly for the latest iteration, allowing players to customize the game’s 3-point perspective to their liking. This greatly improves the game’s realism and authenticity, allowing players to experience their favorite teams from varying angles.

The following guide will walk players through the steps of changing the camera in 2K22 My Career.


  1. Navigate to Online Features Menu

    • From the Main Menu, select the ‘Online Features’ option.
  2. Select the My Career Section

    • In the Online Features section, select ‘My Career’.
  3. Open the Game Settings Menu

    • Once in the My Career section, select ‘Game Settings’ to access the game’s settings menu.
  4. Edit the Camera Settings

    • In the Game Settings menu, select ‘Camera Settings’ to access the game’s camera options.
    • From here, players can adjust the angle of the camera, as well as the camera’s zoom.
    • When finished, press the ‘Save’ button to apply the changes.


  • Players can choose from a variety of camera angles, like full-court, mid-court, close-up, and overhead.
  • Players should feel free to experiment with the different camera angles for a more custom feel.
  • The ‘Zoom’ setting can also be adjusted from the Camera Settings screen.

With these easy steps, players of 2K22 My Career are now fully equipped to customize the camera angle of their virtual experience. Changing the camera angle allows players to experience their favorite teams like never before.

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