how to change camera angle in 2k21 my career

how to change camera angle in 2k21 my career

How to Change Camera Angle in 2K21 MyCareer

It is possible to customize the camera settings in 2K21 MyCareer mode to match your viewing preferences. The following tips explain how to change the camera angle in 2K21 MyCareer.

1. Navigate to MyCareer Menu

Begin by going to the MyCareer Menu. From the main menu, select the MyCareer option and then select Options from the sub-menu.

2. Select Camera Angle

The Camera Angle option is available in the Settings & Options tab. Use the arrow keys to select from the three camera angles provided: Broadcast, Classic and Free.

3. Adjust Camera Position & Zoom

After you have selected a camera angle, you can then adjust its position and zoom level. Use the left analog stick to move the camera and the right analog stick to zoom in and out.

4. Save Your Preferences

Once you have chosen and adjusted your camera angle, be sure to save your preferences. This will ensure that the settings will remain in place the next time you play.

In conclusion, changing the camera angle in 2K21 MyCareer mode is easy. With the right camera angle, you can customize the game to match your own preferences and get the most out of your gaming experience.

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