how to buy players in fifa 18 career mode

how to buy players in fifa 18 career mode

How to Buy Players in FIFA 18 Career Mode

FIFA 18 Career Mode is a great way to experience the world of soccer and manage a team. One way to do that is to buy players and build a stronger team. Here are the steps on how to buy players in FIFA 18 Career Mode:

Step 1: Select Club

Start by selecting the club you wish to manage. FIFA 18 has 30 officially licensed leagues with over 650 clubs to choose from. When select, you’ll have the chance to view a list of the current players in the club, their stats, and current contracts.

Step 2: Find Players

Using the criteria such as a preferred position and qualities, it’s easy to find the players you are looking for . There are multiple ways to do this. First, you can use the Scouting Network and assign scouts to search for players from their regions. You’ll receive scouting paperwork filled with potential players who match your criteria. You can also search for players in the transfer market. FIFA 18 also allows you to search for players in the transfer list of other clubs, even if they are not actively looking to sell.

Step 3: Make an Offer

Once you’ve found a few players who match your specifications and budget, you can make an offer. You can either quickly make an offer or use the negotiation feature, which allows you to start a negotiation process. When negotiating the terms of a transfer, keep in mind that clubs have different values and may not be willing to accept the offer you submit.

Step 4: Signing the Contract

The last step is to agree on the contract and sign it. You’ll need to make sure the contract includes all of the details such as transfer fees and other benefits, as well as any rules and regulations the player needs to adhere to. Once the contract is signed, the player is officially under your club’s roster.

Tips on Buying Players

  • Look for players with potential growth: When looking for players, it’s best to look for those with potential to grow in the future. With FIFA 18’s improved player growth system, players can become superstars over time.
  • Research your target: Doing some research on your target helps you negotiate better. Make sure you know their current stats, strengths and weaknesses before engaging in negotiations.
  • Watch Recent Matches: Before making an offer, it’s best to watch recent matches to get an idea of how well the player performs in actual game play.
  • Be Flexible: It’s important to be flexible in negotiations. Be prepared to make adjustments to your offer so that the other club is more likely to accept it.

With the right strategy, buying players in FIFA 18 Career Mode is an easy and rewarding experience. Good luck managing your team!

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