how to become captain in fifa 17 career mode

how to become captain in fifa 17 career mode

Become a Captain in FIFA 17 Career Mode

FIFA 17 Career Mode is a great way to show your footballing prowess as you manage your team and lead them to success across multiple seasons. One of the many choices you have in Career Mode is selecting your team’s captain. Who you choose can greatly influence your squad’s performance and morale, making the decision an important one that requires serious consideration. If you are looking for advice on how to choose your team captain, read on.

5 Steps

  1. Choose a Player with the Right Attributes

    In order for a player to be a great captain, they have to have high overall attributes. They should also have great Leadership and Teamwork stats, which are marked with a C for captaincy on their attributes page. Choose a player with a high score for both of these stats so that they can really lead your team to success.

  2. Choose a Player with a Good Personality

    Just as important as attributes is having a player with the right personality. Look for someone with a calm, professional demeanor. You should also consider a player’s loyalty to the club and his willingness to work with the entire squad. This combination of attitude and aptitude will help ensure the player is a great captain.

  3. Choose a Player Who Can Fit Into Your System

    A player’s skills and attributes should be consistent with your team’s formation and style of play. If you have a fast-paced counterattacking system, you’re going to need a captain who’s comfortable pushing forward and leading the charge. If you prefer to build from the back, focus on players who have great passing and defensive capabilities.

  4. Choose a Player with Leadership Qualities

    Captains need to be energetic, vocal and inspirational in order to get the best out of their teammates. Look for a player who has the potential to motivate, who can enforce team rules, and who displays respect for everyone on and off the pitch.

  5. Choose a Player with Good Mentality

    You need a captain who has a good mentality and doesn’t get too down or too angry. This is important not just during matches but also in training, when they’ll need to be a strong example to the rest of the team.

These five steps will help you choose a great captain for your team in FIFA 17 Career Mode. Make sure to visit each player’s attributes page and get to know their personality and mentality before you make your choice. Good luck!

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