how to become a storm chaser career

how to become a storm chaser career

How to Become a Storm Chaser Career

Storm chasing has fascinated many people who enjoy being close to nature, even in the most treacherous of conditions. Having a career as a storm chaser can be a rewarding experience, if you take the time to learn the techniques required to do it safely. Here are some tips to help you on the path to becoming a successful storm chase:

1. Obtain a Meteorological Education

Achieving a comprehensive education in meteorology is a necessary first step to becoming a storm chaser. Most meteorologists will typically enroll in classes at a local university to gain a greater understanding of severe weather and its behaviours. Courses in geography, Earth science, and oceanography are also recommended for achieving a more thorough education on meteorological phenomena.

2. Get Familiar with Forecasting Technology

A successful storm chaser must be fluent in their knowledge of forecast technology. Several sophisticated tools are used to predict future weather patterns, such as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Storm Prediction Center. By obtaining hands-on experience with this technology, storm chasers can find the necessary information needed to track down severe weather systems.

3. Practice Safety Techniques

Storm chasing is a hazardous activity, especially with so much uncertainty at play. Before launching oneself into the field, it is important that proper safety techniques be honed and perfected. It is also essential to prepare oneself by equipping the vehicle with necessary safety items, stocking up on food and water, and packing appropriate clothing for the conditions.

4. Join a Storm Chasing Group

To gain greater insight into the process of storm chasing, join an organized storm chasing group or club. Most of these groups have established veterans with years of experience who can offer critical advice on how to become a successful storm chaser.

5. Keep Abreast of Weather Reports

Most of the legwork in storm chasing is done before ever setting foot in the field. The preparation begins by keeping abreast of weather reports and identifying potential storm systems days before they form. Being up to date on the movements of all extreme weather systems is paramount to the success of any storm chasing mission.

Becoming a successful storm chaser is an achievable goal, as long as you are willing to put in the effort. Following these steps can put you on the track for success, so take your time and get out there!

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