how to become a career advisor australia

how to become a career advisor australia

How to Become a Career Advisor in Australia

Careers advisors in Australia are responsible for helping individuals and groups identify options, create plans and make important decisions regarding their education and working lives. This often requires the ability to think strategically and provide up-to-date advice on topics such as training and employment opportunities, career change and progression. Becoming a career advisor in Australia requires a certain amount of qualifications, work experience and knowledge.


To work as a career advisor you need to have knowledge of current career development practise, career planning and support as well as the labour market, industry and occupation trends. The Australian government has set the following minimum requirements:

  • Recognised qualification in career development or employment services, or social sciences such as psychology, sociology or welfare.
  • Vocational education and training (VET) qualification that is relevant to working with people in the fields of career advice and counselling.
  • A diploma of Vocational Education and Training (VET) or equivalent.

Work Experience

In addition to the qualifications, it is important to have work experience to be successful in this field. This may include previous experience in the areas of career counselling, career advice and job placement. Working as a career counsellor, tutor, training coach, mentor or human resource officer are all good examples of relevant work experience.


Career advisors should possess strong communication, interpersonal and counselling skills. They should be knowledgeable in career development practises and trends as well as labour market information. Passion and enthusiasm in working with people is also a must.

Job Outlook

Career opportunities in Australia for career advisors is expected to grow over the next five years. In addition to job opportunities in the public sector, there will also be high demand for career advisors in the private sector, such as in career counselling agencies and larger corporations.

Overall, becoming a career advisor in Australia requires knowledge, qualifications, relevant work experience and strong interpersonal, communication and counselling skills. With the right mix of all these ingredients, it is possible to break into the world of career advisory and provide much needed guidance and support to those in need of career advice.

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