how to be captain in fifa 22 career mode

how to be captain in fifa 22 career mode

How to Become a Captain in FIFA 22 Career Mode

As FIFA 22 introduces new gameplay features and options to customize your career mode, becoming an in-game captain can help you gain a competitive edge. Here are the steps to become a captain in FIFA 22 Career Mode:

Step 1: Select Your Preferred Team

Before you can get started as the in-game captain, you first need to select your preferred team from the career mode menu. Select the team you want to play for and make sure to review the team’s formation, players, and ratings.

Step 2: Create a Player

Once you have selected your team, the next step is to create a player to be the team’s captain. You can customize the player’s position, attributes, and physical appearance. You can also give him a unique name, bio, and other characteristics.

Step 3: Assign the Player as Captain

When your player is created, you can then assign him as the team’s captain in the squad screen. From here, you will be able to pick your preferred formation, set player roles, and designate which players should be the team’s captains.

Step 4: Lead Your Team to Victory

Once you have been appointed as the team’s captain, it is time to lead your team to victory. As captain, you have the responsibility to guide your team and inspire them to win. Additionally, you can use the custom tactics feature to optimize your team’s performance.

Tips for Being an In-Game Captain

Here are some tips to help you succeed as an in-game captain in FIFA 22 Career Mode:

  • Create a Positive Environment: A positive environment will help motivate players to reach their potential and maximize their performances.
  • Set Reasonable Goals: Set realistic goals that both you and your team can strive to achieve.
  • Communicate Clearly: Make sure that your players understand your strategies and tactics by communicating them clearly.
  • Be Adaptable: Try to use different formations, tactics, and strategies to counter any resistance your opponents may pose.

Being a captain in FIFA 22 Career Mode comes with a lot of responsibility and can be a great way to bring success to your team. Follow these steps and tips to give your team the leader they need to achieve victory!

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