how to be captain in fifa 21 player career mode

how to be captain in fifa 21 player career mode

FIFA 21 Player Career Mode: Becoming Captain

Are you a FIFA 21 Franchise Mode fanatic and eager to ascend through the ranks of your favorite team? Aiming to take the reins of your favorite powerhouse squad? Here is a guide for becoming the captain in FIFA 21 Player Career Mode.


  • Develop your Reputation. As the keystone of your team, the captain must possess a high awareness and good rapport with the team and staff. Make sure to make a positive impression on the manager, your teammates, and the club’s executives. This could be done through excellent play on the pitch, extending a helping hand to your teammates, or by displaying sportsmanship when representing your club.
  • Connect with your Teammates. Team chemistry directly affects team performance, and there’s no one better to take charge of managing chemistry than an effective leader. Connect with your teammates and offer your assistance wherever possible. Whether it’s improving an internal relationship or aiding with a task outside of the field, your presence and actions will not go unnoticed.
  • Gain Experience. As the experienced veteran of your squad, the captain needs to possess the leadership capabilities the team needs. Take advantages of opportunities to take charge. During pre-match talks, set a team goal and rally your teammates to reach it. During matches, distinguish yourself by passing helpful insights and listening to the advice of your teammates.
  • Lead by Example. When it comes to bringing consistency to your squad, the most sufficient way to motivate your team is by your own example. Through hard work, excellent playing ability, and commitment to the team, you’ll motivate your teammates to give it their all.
  • Good Luck! Taking on the added responsibility of becoming the captain of your squad is a great accomplishment. Enjoy the privilege and use it to take the team forward. Best of luck, and have fun whilst doing it.

Congrats, you now know the skills and tactics to become captain in FIFA 21 Player Career Mode. Use the tips above as your guide, and soon you’ll become the face of your club and inspiring your teammates each match.

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