how to be captain in fifa 21 career mode

how to be captain in fifa 21 career mode


Becoming the captain of a football club in FIFA 21 Career Mode is a challenging but rewarding experience. Here are some tips to help you achieve your goal:

1. Work on Your Leadership Skills

One of the most important characteristics for a captain is leadership. To improve your leadership skills, you should focus on your Player Traits and Player Personalities in FIFA 21. These will improve your interaction with the other players and give you a better chance of being selected by the manager.

2. Show Your Worth in Match Situations

Your play in matches will be crucial in gaining the trust of the manager. Pay attention to important moments on the pitch, such as helping the defenders or creating scoring chances. Make sure to always be on the lookout for your team members and try to speak with them if you think it can help the team.

3. Make the Most of the Specialities System

The specialities system in FIFA 21 gives you an edge when it comes to becoming a captain. It’s important to choose a speciality that works with your play style and focuses on improving your leadership skills. Examples of good leadership specialities include Captaincy, Communication, and Creativity.

4. Communicate with the Manager

It’s important to have a good relationship with the manager to have a chance at being captain. Don’t be afraid to go to the manager and ask for advice or to discuss your progress. If you prove yourself to be a good leader on and off the pitch, you could be chosen for the role.

5. Patience and Determination

Becoming the captain of a FIFA 21 Career Mode team is no easy feat. You will need to remain dedicated and motivate yourself to reach the heights of team captaincy. Stay positive and use every match and training session as an opportunity to prove your worth.

Remember, becoming captain takes hard work, dedication, and patience. With the right attitude and these tips, you can achieve your dream of being the leader of your FIFA 21 Career Mode team.

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