how to be a novelist career

how to be a novelist career

Tips for Starting a Novelist Career

For those who want to turn their passion for writing into a career as a novelist, there are a few steps to take to maximize your chances of success. Here are some tips to help get you started:

1. Educate Yourself

Developing your writing skills is essential for having a successful novelists career. Consider taking a course on creative writing or literature, or signing up for a workshop to help build your abilities. This will help familiarize yourself with different aspects of writing genre and it allows you to get feedback on your writing.

2. Understand the Publishing Landscape

It is important to understand the different publishing options available and to familiarize yourself with the industry. Researching the competition and best-selling authors can give you an idea of what readers are looking for in a story.

3. Create a Plan

Creating a plan can help keep you organized and motivated. Decide on your goals and develop a timeline. Set realistic deadlines and focus on a manageable goal, like writing a certain number of pages a day.

4. Get Professional Feedback

Getting an editor or writing coach to give feedback on your manuscript can be enormously helpful for developing and polishing your work. You can also look for critique groups or beta readers who can provide valuable feedback on your work.

5. Make Connections

Networking is an important part of building a successful novelists career. Make connections with other authors, publishers, and literary agents. Attend conferences, join writer’s groups, and join online writing communities. Doing this can help you understand the publishing industry and can help you reach out to potential publishers.

6. Don’t Give Up

The publishing industry is competitive and it can be difficult to break into. Don’t be discouraged by rejections and don’t give up on your dreams. Keep writing and keep refining your work until you get published.


Becoming a novelist can be a daunting undertaking but with dedication and hard work, it is possible to turn your dreams into a reality. By educating yourself, understanding the publishing landscape, creating a plan, getting feedback, networking, and staying the course, you can make a successful career out of your love for writing.

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