how to ask for career guidance

how to ask for career guidance

Asking for Career Guidance

Having guidance when making career decisions is important if you want to make sure that you achieve success. There are several ways to get guidance and advice when determining what career path is right for you.

Networking and Mentors

Networking is a great way to obtain career guidance from professionals and individuals with experience in the industry you are interested in pursuing. Through networking, you will be able to hear their stories, learn more about their experiences, and get a better understanding of what kind of work and skills are necessary to join their field. Not only that, your network contacts can also give you advice and guidance on how to make the right decisions when considering a career path. To get started building a network, start by talking to people you already know within the industry and exposing yourself to more opportunities.

In addition to networking, finding a mentor who has experience in the field can be very helpful. Having a mentor can help you become more aware of the options available to you and provide you with feedback on your decisions. To find a mentor, reach out to people who inspire you or make connections with professionals through mutual connections or online platforms.

Research and Conversation

Research is an essential part of gaining career guidance. Doing research will help you identify the various roles within the industry and the skills necessary for success. Through research, you’ll also be able to have a better understanding of the trends in the industry, job market and company culture. You can also find out what alternative pathways and options are available if the job market is too competitive.

Talking to family and friends is also a great way to get career guidance. Your family members, friends, and colleagues may have experience and insights into the industry and can provide valuable advice. It can also be helpful to ask questions you may have such as: how competitive is the job market? What are the essential skills? What are potential career options?


Asking for career guidance is a great way to ensure success when making career decisions. Here are some key takeaways:

  • Network and seek out mentors to gain a better understanding of the field and get advice from experienced professionals.
  • Do research to learn about the industry and seek out alternative pathways and options.
  • Talk to family and friends and ask questions to get feedback and insights from their experiences.

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