how to ask about career progression

how to ask about career progression

How to Ask About Career Progression

It’s important to create career goals and to actively pursue them by seeking out guidance and advice. Understanding how to ask about career progression can be valuable in gaining the insights you need.

Here are a few steps for asking about career progression:

  • Identify your goals : Take some time to establish your own personal objectives and the direction you’d like to take your career in.
  • Think about whom to ask : Decide who to ask for advice or insights about your career progression. Consider those who have a good knowledge of your job and industry, or the experience of someone who has been in a similar career trajectory.
  • Prepare your questions : Think carefully about the type of questions to ask. Broad-based questions will help you develop an understanding of the general career paths and what kind of steps you need to take. Specific questions can be useful to focus on particular career-related issues. Consider questions such as ”What challenges have you encountered in progressing in your career?” and “What advice can you offer in order to progress?”.
  • Ask your questions : After preparing your questions, consider the best way to ask them. Think about the communication channels available, such as face-to-face meetings, phone calls, emails or online platforms such as Skype, if appropriate. Consider having follow-up questions as part of your conversation.
  • Analyse the advice: Assess the advice and insights you’ve received. Reflect on what you’ve learnt and how applicable it is to your own career progression.

Asking about career progression is a great way to gain advice, understanding and insights into possible career steps available. Make sure you spend time establishing your goals and preparing your questions, then use the best communication channel for you to ask and analyse the answers.

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