how to ask about career growth

how to ask about career growth

Asking About Career Growth Successfully

You want to ensure that your career is in the right direction and growing as you expect, and you understand the importance of asking questions to ensure your career is headed in the right direction. Asking your manager or supervisor the following questions can help you gauge your career growth:

1. What Training Opportunities Are Available to Me?

Find out what training or educational opportunities the company offers that can help you develop in the workplace. By expanding your skills and knowledge, you’re better positioning yourself for additional career development.

2. Is There Potential for Advancement?

You’ll want to understand if your current role has any potential for advancement. Ask your manager or supervisor if there are any opportunities to take on more responsibility or receive a promotion to help you grow in your career.

3. What Types of Professional Developments Are Expected?

In the event that you can’t earn a promotion, ask your manager or supervisor if there are any other ways you can advance your skills. That might include extra education beyond the traditional classroom, attending conferences, or joining a professional network.

4. How Does the Company Recognize High-Performance Employees?

It’s also integral to understand how your employer rewards workers who excel. Ask your manager or supervisor what type of recognition your employer gives in terms of furthering career growth. There might be a recognition system in place that acknowledges high-performance, or the company may have a policy for bringing successful employees into other capabilities within the organization.

Career Growth Can Be Achieved

When it comes to career growth, it can be daunting to make the first move. However, with the appropriate steps, you can easily and effectively ask about your career growth. Being proactive in your career advancement can help you be successful and achieve your full potential in the workplace.

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