how to apply traits fifa 21 career mode

how to apply traits fifa 21 career mode

How to apply Traits to FIFA 21 Career Mode

FIFA 21 Career Mode provides a host of options for customizing your team for success. One of the most important parts of player customization is the use of Traits. Traits allow you to give your players unique attributes to help them reach their full potential. Here’s a guide on how to apply Traits to FIFA 21 Career Mode:

Step 1: Access Player Profile

To start customizing players’ Traits, go to Career Mode and select your team. Then, choose a player to access their Player Profile. This screen shows the player’s overall ratings and provides access to more detailed information.

Step 2: Select Traits Tab

Once you are in the Player Profile, select the Traits tab. From there, you can start assigning Traits to the player. You will have the ability to enable up to five Traits.

Step 3: Choose Traits

Now, it’s time to select the Traits you want to apply to the player. The following are some general Traits you can use to customize players in FIFA 21 Career Mode:

  • Shooting: Select this Trait to raise the accuracy and power of shots.
  • Dribbling: Choose this Trait to enhance the player’s ball control and agility.
  • Passing: This Trait increases the accuracy and power of the player’s passes.
  • Defending: Select this Trait to raise the player’s defending skills.
  • Physical: Use this Trait to grant an increase in strength and speed.

Step 4: Monitor Team’s Progress

Once you have applied the Traits, you can begin managing your team in Career Mode. Monitor your team’s progress as the season goes on and note any benefits you receive from applying Traits to players.


By following this guide, you should know how to apply Traits to FIFA 21 Career Mode. While Traits can give your players an edge, they should be used sparingly to get the best results. Good luck!

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