how to answer what are your career goals examples

how to answer what are your career goals examples

Exploring Examples of Career Goals

It can be useful to examine career goals examples when crafting your own. For many, having an idea of the desired end result can help to shape how they approach their professional development. Here are some common examples to consider:


Being promoted within your current workplace can be one of the best long-term career goals to aim for. This could involve moving up the chain of command, taking on managerial roles and earning increased levels of remuneration.

Career Change

Many people decide to venture into a new profession at some point in their life and career change can provide a wealth of fresh opportunities. It is important to research the industry you are considering joining and gain a good understanding of the necessary qualifications and skill sets that you may need in order to succeed.

Flexible Working

Recent years have seen a surge in demand for increased flexibility within the workplace. Those looking for more autonomy over their careers may opt for freelance or contract-based working, or perhaps even decide to launch their own business and become a digital entrepreneur.

Personal Development

Personal growth should always be a key goal in any professional avenue. Investing in yourself and your skill set is the key to building and furthering your employability. Many people feel that undertaking qualification or professional development can help to boost their own confidence and strengthen their future prospects.

This is by no means an all-encompassing list of career goals, but it provides some useful insight into the kind of ambitions which many people strive towards. Examining different career goals examples and forming an action plan for your desired outcome is a great place to start.

Goals worth striving for take time and effort, but when you find the right one for you, the rewards can be immense.

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