how social media can hurt your career

how social media can hurt your career

How Social Media Can Hurt Your Career

We are all guilty of mindlessly scrolling through social media, but it is important to consider how these accounts can impact your career. While it is easy to focus on the advantages of social media, it is clear that these platforms can be a double-edged sword. Here are just some of the ways that excessive sharing on social media can hurt your career:

Potential Employers Will Look at Your Accounts

Every employer has a different policy when it comes to social media usage, but many do take the time to assess a prospective employee’s accounts. This means that everything you post under your personal account – including images, captions, and comments – will be taken into account. A chaotic or controversial profile will not be seen in a positive light and can work against you when it comes to hiring.

Damaging Your Professional Reputation

Your online activity can also affect your overall professional reputation. An employer who views your account may form a negative opinion of you if they find unsettling information. Additionally, even if the employer never sees your profile, your posts could still be circulating among colleagues, clients, and business contacts. This can have adverse effects on the trust others have in you professionally.

Wasting Time

We are all guilty of spending too much time in front of a screen. You might find that you funnel a lot of your energy into checking notifications and responding to comments, and this can take away from the amount of time you have available for important tasks. Even if you feel that your online activities are not impacting your career, you should take the time to calculate how much time you are wasting so you can adjust your routine accordingly.

Encouraging Unproductive Behavior

As well as being a distraction, spending time on social media can also encourage an unproductive approach to your job. While it is nice to have a break during the day, sleeping in late or taking extended lunches can have serious consequences for your professional life over time. Furthermore, constantly checking your phone while working can be seen as a sign of disrespect and unprofessionalism.


It is clear that social media use should be kept in moderation if you want to avoid any risk to your career. Take a moment to consider the implications of your posts, and make sure you invest your energy in the right places. You should also always double-check with your employer about their policy for social media usage in the workplace.

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