how old was david attenborough when he started his career

how old was david attenborough when he started his career

How Old Was David Attenborough when He Started His Career?

Sir David Attenborough is one of the world’s most famous naturalists. He has hosted numerous nature documentaries over the decades and won countless awards for his work. But when did his illustrious career begin?

Early Life and Education:

David Attenborough was born in London in 1926. He was educated at Clare College, Cambridge, where he completed a degree in natural sciences in 1947. He stayed at the university to pursue postgraduate research in zoology.

Attenborough Begins Broadcasting:

It was during his time studying at Cambridge that David Attenborough first began to explore the possibility of a career in broadcasting. He wrote to the BBC in 1950, asking for any available opportunities. That same year, he was offered the role of Talks Producer for the Corporation.

David Attenborough’s Age When He Started His Career:

At the time he started producing talks for the BBC, David Attenborough was 24 years old. He went on to have a long and successful career with the Corporation, with his first on-screen appearance coming in 1954 on the show ‘Zoo Quest’.

Notable Achievements:

In the decades since his debut on screen, David Attenborough has achieved a great deal. He has:

  • Created iconic series: David Attenborough created some of the most iconic and popular wildlife documentary series, including Planet Earth, Life on Earth and The Blue Planet.
  • Collected awards: David Attenborough has won countless awards for his work, including two BAFTAs, two Emmys, two Royal Television Society Awards, two Peabody Awards and two Sydney Film Festival Awards.
  • Earned accolades: David Attenborough has even been honoured with a knighthood and the Order of Merit from Her Majesty, the Queen.


Despite being only 24 years old when he began broadcasting, David Attenborough has accomplished a great deal in his long and eventful career. His naturalist programmes have entertained and educated viewers around the world and his legacy will live on long into the future.

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