how much money did floyd mayweather make in his career

how much money did floyd mayweather make in his career

Floyd Mayweather’s Career Earnings

Floyd Mayweather, aka “Money,” is the highest-paid boxer of all time, holding records for his career prize money. Here’s a closer look at exactly how much money Mayweather has made throughout his lengthy career.

Boxing Prize Money

Mayweather made the bulk of his money from prize money in boxing bouts. He’s earned an astonishing $1.1 billion in purse money from all of his fights, including pay-per-view, matches, endorsements, and various other sponsor bonuses.

Pay-per-view bouts are Mayweather’s most effective source of income, and he’s racked up an impressive list of PPV bouts and earnings throughout his career:

  • vs. Canelo Alvarez (September 2013): $41.5 million
  • vs. Manny Pacquiao (May 2015): $220 million
  • vs. Conor McGregor (August 2017): $275 million

Endorsement Deals

As if the boxing prize money wasn’t enough, Mayweather was adept at picking up endorsement deals throughout his career. He received money from big-name brands such as Burger King, FanDuel, Hublot, Reebok, and even the UFC.

Mayweather also spent money as fast as he earned it, as he’s always been known to flaunt his wealth. However, Mayweather has always had an eye for investing, and his net worth is estimated to exceed $500 million.

All in all, Floyd Mayweather’s career earnings are staggering and well-deserved. He’s made a lasting impact on the boxing industry, and there’s no doubt he will continue to make money for years to come.

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