how much does a car weigh

how much does a car weigh

How Much Does a Car Weigh?

We often overlook how much a car weighs, especially when we are researching which cars to buy or lease. Knowing the weight of the car, however, can be important when it comes to things such as fuel economy, safety, and performance.

Vehicle Weight Categories

Generally speaking, cars are divided into various size and weight categories. The average car weight is between 3,000 – 4,000 pounds.

    Light Cars and Subcompacts: 2,500 – 2,999 lbs.

      Compacts: 3,000 – 3,799 lbs.

        Midsize: 3,800 – 4,200 lbs.

          Full-Size: 4,200 – 5,300 lbs.

            Luxary: 5,000+ lbs.

          Factors That Affect a Car’s Weight

          How much your car weighs is determined by several factors.

              Engine Size and Type: The type and size of the engine undoubtedly affects the total weight. Bigger and more powerful engines often weigh more than smaller, more efficient ones.

              Materials: The materials used in the car’s construction can also affect its weight, with a lighter car generally being more fuel-efficient and eco-friendly. Steel and aluminum are the two most common materials in cars.

              Other Options: Additions such as bigger tires, larger engines, and luxury features will add to the vehicle’s total weight.


          When shopping around for a new car, it’s important to consider the car’s weight. Every car model and make has its own weight, so make sure to take that into account when choosing which car best meets your individual needs. Knowing a car’s weight can also help you determine whether or not the car is safe and efficient, so it’s important to factor all of these components into your purchasing decision.

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