how much do linkedin career page cost

how much do linkedin career page cost

The Cost of a LinkedIn Career Page

LinkedIn is the largest professional network, connecting millions of recruiters and job seekers worldwide. To help companies capitalize on this opportunity, LinkedIn provides Career Pages that offer visibility and engagement with their target audiences. But how much does a LinkedIn Career Page cost?

Premium Edition Prices

LinkedIn offers three pricing options for a Career Page: Basic, Standard, and Premium.

Basic Edition (Free): The basic edition allows companies to have an effective career page. It allows companies to:

  • Showcase their brand and job USP
  • Post unlimited job openings
  • Filter and organize job postings
  • Have tailored apply and hiring flows

Standard Edition ($299/Month): The Standard Edition includes everything offered with the Basic Edition, plus:

  • In-depth recruitment analytics
  • Multi-page recruitment campaigns
  • Post to a company’s social networks
  • Stay up to date with job market trends

Premium Edition ($599/Month): The Premium Edition includes everything offered with the Standard Edition, plus additional features:

  • Detailed performance insights and metrics
  • Targeted job and candidate sourcing
  • Priority customer support
  • Full-service onboarding solutions

Additional Services

Each pricing level also offers additional services to further enhance a company’s Career Page. These include boosting job posts, setting up external links, creating custom recruitment websites, and more. The exact prices for these services vary, but companies can expect to pay anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.


Overall, the cost of a LinkedIn Career Page can vary depending on a company’s needs and budget. The Basic Edition is free and provides many of the key features needed for a successful job search. The Standard and Premium Editions offer additional features for a monthly fee. Additionally, companies can opt for extra services for further customization of their Career Page.

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