how much do google career certificates cost

how much do google career certificates cost

How Much Do Google Career Certificates Cost?

Google Career Certificates are a great way to gain a credential in high-demand fields in a matter of months, instead of the years required for a traditional degree. But how much does it cost?

Pricing Tiers

The Google Career Certificates program comes in two tiers: Undergraduate and Professional Certificates.

Undergraduate Certificates are designed to prepare students for entry-level jobs and cost $39/month. These credentials are available in six fields: Project Management, UX Design, Data Analytics, IT Support, Android Development, and Identity and Access Management.

Professional Certificates are designed for those with relevant experience and existing technical skills, who are looking to take the next step in their career. The cost for these certificates is $49/month. Professional Certifications are available in four fields: Cloud Engineering, Applied Machine Learning, G Suite, and Data Engineer.

Scholarship Opportunities

The registration fees for Google Career Certificates may seem pricey, but there are options for those on a tighter budget. Google offers a limited number of partial and full scholarships for U.S. residents to pursue their certificates. To apply, eligible individuals must apply online and provide supporting documents to demonstrate financial need.

Additional Benefits

When you enroll in the Google Career Certificates program, you not only gain a certification but also get access to:

  • Career coaching and support: Throughout the certification process, you’ll be connected to coaches who specialize in career development
  • Real-world projects: Through hands-on projects that mimic authentic job roles, you’ll gain the skills necessary for success
  • Interview prep: Prepare for interviews with personalized feedback from experienced hiring professionals
  • Job search assistance: Get help with resume building, job applications, and other tools that can help land that dream job

If you’re looking to get ahead on your career path, Google Career Certificates can help you get there without spending too much. The registration costs may seem steep, but thanks to scholarships and other benefits, you can make them more manageable.

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