how much do career coaches make per hour

how much do career coaches make per hour

How Much Do Career Coaches Make Per Hour?

Are you thinking about getting a career coach? It can be a great way to get ahead in your career and get the most out of working life — but how much do career coaches make per hour?

The answer is that it depends. Career coaches charge different rates, depending on a variety of factors, including their experience, the services they provide, and the type of support they offer. In general, though, career coaches usually charge between $50 and $300 per hour.

Factors That Determine a Career Coach’s Hourly Rate

Career coaches often charge different prices based on various factors, such as:

  • Experience – Coaches with more experience and a strong track record of helping people reach their goals tend to charge more.
  • Services Provided – Career coaches also charge different amounts for different types of services, such as resume review, interviewing tips, and job search strategies.
  • Support Provided – Some career coaches offer support beyond one-on-one career advice, such as goal-setting plans and online courses. These services typically come with an additional fee.

Where to Find a Reliable Career Coach

There are a number of ways to find a reliable career coach:

  • Check professional associations, such as the International Coach Federation and the Association for Coaching. These organizations have lists of certified coaches who have received specialized training.
  • Check online referral networks. Sites like Thumbtack, Conttacts, and Upwork allow you to post your job needs and get bids from coaches.
  • Check job boards. If you’re looking for a remote career coach, you can find a variety of coaches on job boards like Indeed and Glassdoor.

When considering a career coach, it’s important to take into account their experience, services, and support. Once you’ve found a quality coach, you can decide on an hourly rate that works for both you and the coach. With the right career coach, you’ll be one step closer to achieving your goals and making the most of your working life.

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