how much did michael jackson make in his career

how much did michael jackson make in his career

Michael Jackson’s Earnings Throughout His Music Career

Revolutionary music artist Michael Jackson left an immense legacy behind him, paving the way for current music icons and talents. His career spanned five decades and he earned an impressive and unparalleled fortune during this time.

Early Years

Jackson started working in show business when he was just a child. During his time with the Jackson 5, they released four singles and four albums all of which topped the Billboard Hot 100 list, making Michael a successful pop star right off the bat. By age 13, Michael had already earned more than wealthy adults years his senior.

Albums and Tours

Michael’s solo career started in 1979 and he released a total of 10 albums and sold an estimated 750 million copies worldwide. He also held an impressive number of tours, from 1989 to 1997, making over $50 million from the Dangerous Tour alone. Throughout his career, his tours and albums made him a staggering 413 million dollars!

Other Earnings

Aside from his music career, Michael also made money from endorsements, royalties from his songs being used in other media and investments. He also bought the rights to a number of songs, such as The Beatles’ catalogue, which would have certainly increased his earnings significantly. Adding all of this up, his total career earnings are estimated to have been over a billion dollars!


Michael Jackson was a talent and an icon that captivated the world and made it fall in love with his unique style. It is no surprise that with such immense success he earned an immense fortune over the course of his five decades long career. His estimated earnings of over a billion dollars well-earned and shows the true power of his music and influence on the world.

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