how much did andrew luck make in his career

how much did andrew luck make in his career

Andrew Luck’s Generous NFL Career Earnings

Andrew Luck, the former Indianapolis Colts quarterback, had one of the most decorated and successful careers in NFL history. He earned a copious amount of money during his career.

Earnings as a Rookie

Luck made a reported $22,144,800 in total earnings during his rookie season. This consisted of a $14.5 million signing bonus, $4.4 million initial base salary, and $3.4 million in incentives.

His Highest-Paid Year

Luck’s highest-paid year was in 2015, when he made a total of $24 million. He had a base salary of $$16 million, and bonus of $8 million.

Career Earnings

By the end of his short-lived NFL career, Andrew Luck made a staggering total of $97,503,059. This includes his rookie contracts, bonus money and incentives, as well as his renegotiated contract for the 2016-17 season.

Highlights of Luck’s Career Earnings

  • Rookie Earnings: $22,144,800
  • His Highest-Paid Year: $24 million
  • Career Earnings: $97,503,059

Andrew Luck’s NFL career was a short but successful one, and he had the numbers to prove it. His hefty NFL career earnings show that Luck had remarkable contributions to the league and was one of the most admired players in the league.

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