how much are google career certificates

how much are google career certificates

Google Career Certificates: What are the Costs?

Google Career Certificates are an innovative way to get the skills you need for professional success. But before you jump on board, you’ll want to know how much your new certification will cost. Read on to find out more about the associated fees and more.

What are Google Career Certificates?

Google Career Certificates are an online program designed to give job seekers the qualifications they need to advance their career prospects. Available in six different areas, these certificates are offered in partnership with online education provider Coursera, and direct learners to real-world job roles that they’re qualified for upon completion.

How Much are Google Career Certificates?

Google Career Certificates start at $49 per month. Prices vary depending on the certificate you choose, but all of them are accessible and affordable.

Other Benefits of Google Career Certificates

Google Career Certificates offer more than just job-ready qualifications and reasonable prices. Here are some of the other benefits:

  • Built For Job-Ready Skills: Courses are designed for fast-track job-ready skills and less theoretical learning.
  • Employment Opportunities: Upon completion, learners have access to exclusive job opportunities from Google and its partners.
  • Nationally-Recognized Credential: Certifications are recognized by government agencies and educational institutions.
  • Flexible Learning: You can choose courses that fit your schedule, with classes available remotely.

Google Career Certificates provide a cost-effective way to gain the skills and credentials you need to progress your career. With reasonable fees and flexible learning, you can equip yourself with the skills to move forward in a competitive job market.

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