how many strikeouts does max scherzer have in his career

how many strikeouts does max scherzer have in his career

A Look at Max Scherzer’s Career Strikeouts

Max Scherzer is one of baseball’s most powerful pitchers, and his strikeout numbers are a testament to that. In his career, he has achieved an astounding total of 2,890 strikeouts over 18 seasons. Here, we take a look at how he’s earned those remarkable numbers.

Regular Season Strikeouts

When it comes to his regular season career strikeouts, Max Scherzer leads the pack with 2,383. He is followed closely by Justin Verlander, with 2,372, and then Clayton Kershaw with 2,329.

Post Season Strikeouts

Scherzer earned an additional 507 strikeouts in the postseason, earning him the title of highest postseason strikeout total in major league history. Here is a look at his post season strikeout breakdown:

  • 2016: 57 strikeouts
  • 2017: 102 strikeouts
  • 2018: 74 strikeouts
  • 2019: 86 strikeouts
  • 2020: 188 strikeouts

In total, Max Scherzer has 2,890 strikeouts in his career, making him the MLB leader. His unwavering commitment to excellence on the mound, combined with his exemplary strikeout record, shows why he is one of the greatest pitchers of all time.

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