how many strikeouts does max scherzer have in his career

how many strikeouts does max scherzer have in his career

Max Scherzer’s Strikeouts

Max Scherzer is one of the most successful Major League Baseball (MLB) pitchers of the past decade. Since joining the Detroit Tigers in 2010, Scherzer has racked up an impressive 3,700 strikeouts so far in his career.

Career Records

In terms of strikeouts, Scherzer holds several records within the MLB, including:

  • Most career strikeouts through the first nine seasons, with 2,169
  • Sixth-most strikeouts in a season, with 284 achieved in 2018
  • Most strikeouts in a single game, with 20 achieved in 2018

Scherzer is also the only pitcher in MLB history to have seven consecutive 200-plus strikeout seasons, and he has achieved a double-digit strikeout total in 32 of his last 33 career starts.

Notable Achievements

Scherzer’s illustrious career has also seen him win the Cy Young Award three times, the Players’ Choice Award for Outstanding Pitcher twice and a slew of other honours. In addition, he’s been selected to the All-Star team seven times along with seven more selections as a pitcher of the month.

What’s Next?

Although there is no telling what lies in store for Scherzer, all eyes will be on him as he attempts, with his formidable pitching abilities, to continue adding to his impressive total of career strikeouts.

With over 3,700 strikeouts currently under his belt, Max Scherzer is undoubtedly one of the greatest and most sought-after pitchers in the MLB and looks set to continue his run of success for seasons to come.

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