how many sixes did don bradman hit in his career

how many sixes did don bradman hit in his career

Don Bradman’s Sixes

The Aussie legend, Don Bradman, is remembered for his outstanding batting performance over his career in cricket. He set numerous records during his time and it’s still conversation of many cricket fans and experts. One particular record that stands out is his remarkable total of sixes in his career.

How Many Sixes Did Don Bradman Hit?

It’s been observed that Don Bradman hit a total of 30 sixes in his entire career. This is a minor number when compared to the modern day batsmen but considering the pitches, limitations in terms of technology and the general conditions of cricket it was back then, this is remarkable.

Stay in the Crease

Don Brandon rarely resorted to the option of hitting sixes. He was quite accurate and stayed focused on his crease and hitting the gaps to get ones or twos. He seemed to have impeccable judgement of when to go for big shots and sixes without giving away his wicket.

Record Books

Don Bradman was a record making machine and his sixes count is just one among the countless records that he set both in international as well as domestic matches. He is presently the record holder for highest amount of sixes in an international cricket career – a very hard record to beat.

By the Numbers

The numbers show that in the 80 matches played by Don Bradman, he hit his sixes in the following manner:

  • Test Matches: 26
  • First-class Matches: 3
  • BBC Matches: 1

We believe with the kind of conditions found in cricket nowadays, the perfect batsman may be able to surpass this outstanding record of Don Bradman in his cricketing career.

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