how many seasons is fifa 22 career mode

how many seasons is fifa 22 career mode

FIFA 22 Career Mode: How Many Seasons?

The highly anticipated Career Mode of FIFA 22 is expected to be available in the fall of 2021. It’s going to be a great opportunity for football fans to experience the excitement of managing a football team in their own way. But the question is, how many seasons will be available in the Career Mode of FIFA 22?

Career Mode Seasons

The FIFA 22 Career Mode gives players the chance to manage their very own team. Players will be able to take charge of their club and lead it to glory by leading them to the league title and other trophies. The Career Mode will allow players to customize the look and feel of their team, while also allowing them to make decisions that could become the difference between success and failure.

The main goal of the Career Mode is to bring players a long-term experience, with the ability to shape their team season after season. Previously, in FIFA 21, players could only play up to 10 seasons, but now, in FIFA 22, players will have 20 full seasons to play with. This means that players can continue to build their teams and create their own unique footballing journey. This season-wide increase could be the perfect opportunity for players to make their mark in the world of football.

New Features

Along with this extended career mode, the FIFA 22 Career Mode will also feature some interesting new features. The game will feature completely revamped interactive match sims, allowing players to control the simulations and giving them a chance to get more involved in their team’s progress. Additionally, user-controlled transfers give players a chance to forge relationships with clubs and manage rivalries between clubs as well.

Also debuting with the FIFA 22 Career Mode is a completely new dashboard, giving players more access to their team’s data and performance. It allows them to focus on individual player achievements and track the development of their team over the seasons.


Overall, the FIFA 22 Career Mode aims to give players a realistic and immersive experience of managing a football team for a period of 20 seasons. With interactive match sims, user-controlled transfers, and a new dashboard, the FIFA 22 Career Mode promises to be an exciting and eventful journey for football fans.

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