how many seasons in fifa 20 career mode

how many seasons in fifa 20 career mode

FIFA 20 Career Mode: How Many Seasons?

The FIFA 20 game offers a range of options and possibilities, including the much-loved Career Mode. This mode allows players to build their own team, from the ground up and compete in a variety of tournaments or leagues in order to grow their team. But how many seasons can you play in FIFA 20’s Career Mode?

How Many Seasons?

FIFA 20’s Career Mode allows players to participate in a total of 10 seasons. This means that players have 10 seasons to make their team the best, compete in a variety of tournaments and leagues, and potentially become the ultimate champion.

Types of Matches

In addition to the 10 seasons in Career Mode, there are also a variety of different game types and tournaments that you can participate in while creating your team. These include:

  • Friendlies:Friendlies are single matches that don’t count towards any career stats or trophies. These are great for honing your skills or trying out new players for your team before taking them into competitive leagues.
  • Tournaments:Tournaments are one-off competitions that allow players to compete against a variety of teams and potentially win a trophy or reward for doing so. This can be a great way to test your team under pressure.
  • Leagues:Leagues refer to the regular season in which your team participates. These are long-term, with typically 10-30 matches that must be played to progress and potentially win the league.


FIFA 20’s Career Mode offers players 10 seasons in which to build and improve their team, as well as have a variety of tournament and league matches. This mode provides a great challenge and opportunity to build your team and compete against the best in FIFA 20.

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