how many sacks has joe thomas allowed in his career

how many sacks has joe thomas allowed in his career

Evaluating Joe Thomas’s Career Stats on Sacks Allowed

Joe Thomas was an elite offensive lineman for over a decade playing for the Cleveland Browns. He was selected for the Pro Bowl in each of his ten seasons, the most of any current NFL lineman, and he was voted All-Pro nine times throughout his career. During his career, Thomas was known for his durability and strength, especially in pass protection. As such, it is not surprising that he allowed fewer sacks than most other offensive linemen. But just how few sacks has Joe Thomas allowed in his career?

Joe Thomas’s Sack Stats

Joe Thomas has a total of 21Regular Season sacks allowed in his 11-year career, which averages out to around 1.9 per season, making him one of the most reliable offensive linemen in the NFL. He only allowed more than three sacks in one season, and that was in his first year.

Where Joe Thomas Ranks Among Other NFL Linemen

Joe Thomas is currently rated #2 among all active NFL offensive linemen in terms of sack allowed. Of the current starters, the lineman with the lowest number of sacks allowed is Ryan Clady, with 16. Joe is closely followed by Andrew Whitworth and Nate Solder who have allowed 17 sacks each.

The Impact of Joe Thomas’s Low Sack Numbers

Joe Thomas’s low sack numbers are a testament to his longevity and abilities as an offensive lineman. His ability to protect the quarterback against incoming pass rush is one of the primary reasons that the Cleveland Browns have usually had successful offensive years. His presence and skill in pass protection have allowed the team to focus on other aspects of the game, such as running the ball and developing young quarterbacks.

Overall, Joe Thomas’s career sack stats demonstrate just how reliable an offensive lineman he has been for over a decade. He is a testament to the value of consistency, durability and skill at the offensive line.

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