how many points has lebron scored in his nba career

how many points has lebron scored in his nba career

How Many Points Has Lebron Scored in His NBA Career?

The NBA career of Lebron James is one of the most impressive and impressive basketball scenes of all time. The 6-time NBA champion and 4-time MVP has scored nearly 40,000 points, making him one of the greatest scorers in the history of the sport.

Career Highlights

Lebron James has made plenty of remarkable accomplishments throughout his amazing NBA career. The “King” currently ranks fourth in all-time NBA points scored, and has been the highest scorer in several playoffs and finals moments. His milestones include:

  • All-Time Points Scored: 39,790
  • All-Time Playoff Points Scored: 5,925
  • Most Points in NBA Finals: 848
  • Most Points in an NBA Game: 61

He has also been selected to the All-Star Game 17 times, and has won the NBA scoring title four times.

Career Total

In the regular season, Lebron James has neared 40,000 points in his career. This total includes 33,245 field goals, 9,419 free throws, and 7,016 three-pointers made. Thanks to his impressive 16-year-career thus far, there’s no doubt James will continue to add even more points to his historic total.

Lebron James is truly a great player, and his accomplishments speak for themselves. With over 39,000 points scored so far in his NBA career, there’s no telling how high this record-breaking scorer can go.

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