how many points does curry have career

how many points does curry have career

Steph Curry’s Career Point Total

As a superstar point guard for the Golden State Warriors and a three-time NBA champion, Stephen Curry has been one of the all-time greats in the league. His ability to deliver big-time shots and moments of clutch excellence have earned him countless awards, including being named MVP of the 2014-15 season and the league’s all-time leader in 3-pointers made. But the big question for Curry fans is, how many career points does the sharpshooter have?

Curry’s Points and Milestones

Stephen Curry has been a dominant force in the NBA and he has been racking up the points since entering the league. After 12 seasons in the NBA, Curry has a career point total of 28,170. This ranks him 14th overall in the all-time leaderboard, right behind Ray Allen’s 28,596 points.

The 3-time NBA Champion also holds numerous other records, including:

  • Most Three-Pointers in a Single Season: 402 in 2015-16 season
  • Most Three-Pointers Made in a Game: 13 made against the New Orleans Pelicans on November 7, 2016
  • Most Points in a Single Game: 62 against the Portland Trail Blazers on February 28, 2016

What’s Next for Curry?

There’s no telling where Steph Curry will end up in the all-time leaderboard by the time he hangs it up his sneaks, but given his continued success, it’s safe to say he will jump a few more spots. Recently, Curry has become the league’s all-time leader in made 3-pointers and at 33, he’s still in his prime and poised to add to his already long list of accomplishments.


At this point in Stephen Curry’s career, we can see he has an impressive 28,170 career point total, putting him 14th overall in the all-time leaderboard. His status as a three-time champion, along with his other records, make a strong case for why he is one of the best to ever grace the hardwood. Cannot wait to see what other feats he’ll achieve before he officially retires!

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