how many points does carmelo anthony have in his career

how many points does carmelo anthony have in his career

Carmelo Anthony’s Impressive Career Points Total

Carmelo Anthony is an iconic player in the history of professional basketball. As one of the greatest small forwards to ever pick up the ball and compete in the NBA, he has achieved countless honours and a raving fan-base throughout his career. But above all, Melo is known for something else: his impressive points total.

How many points does Carmelo Anthony have in his career? Carmelo has earned a total of 25,550 points in his career. On 6th April 2021 he passed Hall of Famer Jerry West with 25,556 on the all-time scoring list, ranking him 14th all time.

Carmelo Anthony’s Career Accomplishments

Carmelo Anthony’s 253-game streak with at least 10 points is the second longest streak in NBA history, as well as having the highest career points per game average in playoff history (27.1). Here are some of his other career achievements:

  • Six-time NBA All-Star
  • Two-time Olympic Gold Medalist
  • Ten-time All-NBA Team Selection
  • 2005 NBA Rookie of the Year
  • 2003 College Player of the Year
  • 2003 NBA Draft 3rd overall pick

At 35 years of age, it’s easy to suggest that the end of Carmelo’s career is nigh, however he should not be discounted. At the time of writing, he is playing for the Portland Trail Blazers and has shown that he’s still capable of finding the basket with ease.

It’s clear that Carmelo Anthony is an NBA legend and his total of 25,550 points throughout his career is testament to this. His perseverance and skill has seen him reach the pinnacle of success in professional basketball and his impact on the game will never be forgotten.

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