how many points did stephen curry scored in his career

how many points did stephen curry scored in his career

Stephen Curry’s Point Total Over His Career

Stephen Curry is widely recognized as one of the top NBA players of all time and an all-time great scorer. Here, we’ll take a look at just how many points he has scored over the duration of his incredible career.

Regular Season

Stephen Curry has scored an incredible 24,401 points as of December 25th, 2020 in his regular season NBA career:

  • Golden State Warriors 2009-2020: 17,783 Points
  • Charlotte Hornets 2009-2010: 354 Points


Curry has also been highly successful in the playoffs, adding another 3,924 points to his NBA career stats:

  • Golden State Warriors 2010-2019: 3,924 Points

Total Points Scored

When all of Curry’s regular season and playoffs stats are added up, we can calculate that he has scored a total of 28,325 points in his NBA career. That is an incredibly impressive total, leaving Curry with a surefire spot in the history books of the NBA.

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