how many homeruns does mike trout have in his career

how many homeruns does mike trout have in his career

How Many Homeruns Does Mike Trout Have In His Career?

Mike Trout is arguably the best baseball player in the modern era. Not only is he a great fielder, but he is an incredible hitter. So, how many homeruns does Mike Trout have in his career?

Mike Trout’s Home Run Count

Mike Trout has been playing professional baseball since 2011, and he has had quite the career so far. Throughout his nine-year career he has made an impressive 316 home runs. Here are some other interesting stats regarding Trout’s homeruns:

  • Average Home Runs Per Season: 35
  • Highest Homerun Season: 45 in 2015
  • Lowest Homerun Season: 11 in 2011

Not only does Mike Trout lead the league in homerun batting average, he also sets the benchmark for most home runs in a season for outfielders as well.

All-Time Great

It is refreshing to see a player such as Mike Trout continue to produce stellar numbers in the home run category year after year. With 316 professional homeruns and counting, the future Hall of Fame outfielder easily puts his name alongside the all-time greats of the game.


Mike Trout is one of the greatest players of all time. He is an all-time great in the home run category, with 316 homers and counting. He averages 35 home runs per season, and has even hit a career high of 45 home runs in a single season.

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