how many home runs does pujols have career

how many home runs does pujols have career

Albert Pujols – Career Home Runs

Albert Pujols is widely recognized as one of the greatest well-rounded players of all time. Throughout his career, he has provided a combinition of power and excellent hitting to his teams. One of the most impressive statistics of his career is his total of home runs. Let’s take a closer look at how many home runs Pujols has hit in his career.

Home Run Total

Albert Pujols currently has a grand total of 662 career home runs. This feat is all the more impressive when it is noted that he accomplished this in just 20 seasons. He is currently sixth on the all-time home run list, just one behind Ken Griffey Jr. and four behind Babe Ruth.

Seasonal Home Runs

Below is a breakdown of Pujols’ home run totals for each season, ranked from highest to lowest:

  • 2010: 42 home runs
  • 2009: 47 home runs
  • 2006: 49 home runs
  • 2005: 41 home runs
  • 2011: 37 home runs
  • 2008: 37 home runs
  • 2007: 32 home runs
  • 2012: 30 home runs
  • 2003: 43 home runs
  • 2019: 29 home runs
  • 2013: 27 home runs
  • 2014: 28 home runs
  • 2004: 34 home runs
  • 2015: 19 home runs
  • 2016: 31 home runs
  • 2017: 23 home runs
  • 2018: 19 home runs
  • 2000: 37 home runs
  • 2001: 34 home runs
  • 2002: 34 home runs


Albert Pujols is one of the greatest hitters of all time, and it is clear that this is due in large part to his power. He currently has 662 career home runs, sixth on the all-time list. His career home run totals show that he is capable of hitting the ball with great force and consistency, making him a valuable asset to any team.

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