how many golfers have won the career grand slam

how many golfers have won the career grand slam

Winning the Career Grand Slam in Golf

Winning the Career Grand Slam in golf is the pinnacle of success for professional golfers, and only a select few have ever achieved it. The Career Grand Slam has been won by just five golfers in history, and those players are considered to be the elite of the elite in the sport.

History of the Career Grand Slam

In 1960, Arnold Palmer became the first golfer in history to win the Career Grand Slam. Palmer won four consecutive major championships to achieve this impressive feat, and it took until 2000, when Tiger Woods achieved it, for another golfer to reach the same accomplishment. Since then, three other golfers have joined this exclusive club: Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player, and Phil Mickelson.

The Majors

The four major championships in professional golf are:

  • The Masters
  • The U.S. Open
  • The Open Championship (AKA British Open)
  • The PGA Championship

Winning all four of these major championships in one’s career is what’s known as the Career Grand Slam.

The Five Golfers

The five golfers to have won the Career Grand Slam are:

  • Arnold Palmer
  • Tiger Woods
  • Jack Nicklaus
  • Gary Player
  • Phil Mickelson

These five golfers are widely considered to be among the greatest in the history of the sport, and their accomplishments in winning the Career Grand Slam stand as a testament to their incredible skill and commitment.

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